Friday, April 23, 2010

One Jumps - One Flys

They both need wings

Gail was washing dishes and looked out her kitchen window which looks out over some trees.  She notices a squirrel darting around on the tree and he suddenly takes a flying leap from one tree to another and right behind him is a hummingbird after him.  Not sure what that hummingbird was going to do to the squirrel, or why the bird was after the squirrel, maybe he had gotten close to the hummers nest and that really upset the hummingbird.  Boy she was going to tell him off and chase him away. Gail gets to see some interesting things at her place.
Gail McIntyre

Sunday, March 21, 2010

They taste awful

So don't eat em buddy

Gail always enjoys putting primroses out on the back patio this time of year.  She normally can keep the squirrels away using mothballs, I believe I mentioned this previously.  But she had been really busy and the scent of the moth balls had faded and the squirrel had gotten brave and been nibbling on the primroses, all but the orange and yellow ones.  He left those alone, evidently those don't taste good.  So maybe that is some useful information for those of us who have frequent squirrel visitors.  Between moth balls and the orange and yellow colors we don't have a thing to worry about!  Nice...  Enjoy em while they last.


Contributor: Gail McIntyre

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rosemary High

May have to find some rosemary

Lacy was a little siamese that I no doubt have mentioned before somewhere along the line.  She was a little kitty weighing about 7 pounds on a good day, after a meal.  When we lived in Madera there were several rosemary plants around our pool house and Lacy used to just love them.  She would go in there and smell them and come out higher then a kite.

I couldn't figure out what was happening so I called the vet and asked what she was doing?  He told me some animals can actually get high from some herbs and that was what Lacy was doing and let me tell you she was enjoying it.  When we moved up here to the Sacramento area I thought she might have withdrawals so I purchased a couple of plants but they withered and she did not seem all that interested anymore so I let it go.

Contributor: Ginny the blog editor

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A cat of habits

I can't help myself

 I have to tell you a little story about Marty the cat in this blog and myself.  I often get up during the night to use the restroom and Marty has noticed this, he has quite a memory and seems to remember the exact time.  Evidently I have been getting up around 4 am, but if I sleep through that time he has taken it upon himself to wake me up.  He will chipper and that often wakes me like a child will wake a parent, at first I thought he was asking for his breakfast early and told him to knock it off but since I was awake I would go use the bathroom and Marty would accompany me like always.  I would go back to bed and he would also, I found that odd but didn't think much of it.  By day three I realized that Marty had taken it upon himself to make sure that I got up and went to the restroom and that was all he wanted.  For the love of Pete my sweet cat has been taking care of me in the only way he knew how. I guess I don't mind, I find it rather touching and thought I might pass it along. 


Ginny your blog owner

Your sniffer did you in this time

Can't eat these, go next door

Primroses are not going to be for the squirrels this time. My friend Gail had been shopping and found some gorgeous primroses a couple weeks ago and just could not pass them up. She wanted to pot them and put them out on the deck in the back where they could see them and enjoy them every day. The only problem all the pine trees around the deck house numerous squirrels who will think the primroses have been put there for them to eat. That is not the plan at all, but Gail knows exactly what to do! Put mothballs around the planter and that will stop the squirrels in their tracks, they can not stand the smell of mothballs, they won’t even get close to the planter. They get a disgusted look on their face and march right off the deck and go up the pine tree without getting a nibble of any of the pretty primrose flowers.


Story contributed by:  Gail McIntrye